Meet Your FIBR Training Council!

John Pesce and Melissa Calicchia are our Core Trainers for the FIBR Food Safety Training Institute. Other Food Industry Professionals are members of the Training Council and contribute to our food safety programs.

  • John N. Pesce

    John N. Pesce is currently working for a major food company in Los Angeles. He is responsible for developing food safety programs, GMPs SSOP HACCP and Food Security employee training, supplier audits, vendor compliance and pest control.

    John has over 46 years of experience in the food industry in both production and executive management capacities. For 27 of those years, he worked at a subsidiary of Kellogg’s', where he developed curriculum and provided employee training in sanitation and hygiene, CGMP's, SSOPs, SPC and pest control and industrial safety. He has extensive experience in thermal processing of canned food products and was responsible for employee training in retort and orbitort operations.

    He is a member of four professional organizations (AFDO) Association of Food and Drug Officials the (ASQ) American Society for Quality .and the (ASM) American Society for Microbiology and (FIBR) Food Industry Business Roundtable where He is on the Board of Directors and a trainer for CGMP’s, SSOP’s, GLP’s and Prerequisite for HACCP. He is also a Food Defense Coordinator. He is also an Instructor Proctor for the Certified Professional Food Manager Program and is a registered ServSafe Instructor Proctor for the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation (NRAEF) and he is a GFSI internal auditor.

    Mr. Pesce is a licensed steam engineer by the City of Los Angeles. He has attended the University of California at Davis' Better Process Control School;; the American Institute of Baking for certification in Food Processing Sanitation and Hygiene; the University of Tennessee's Statistical Process Control Management for Food Processing;; and the University of Southern California's Food protection Certification Program for food plant manufacturers. He also has a certificate in Seafood HACCP. He is licensed by the structural pest control board # RA-45864 as a pest control applicator. He is also a Food Defense Bioterrorism Risk Management coordinator.

  • Melissa L. Calicchia, M.S., Food Safety Solutions, Inc., Founder and Chief Scientist

    Melissa provides technical expertise on consulting basis for foodservice and manufacturing facilities processing meats, produce, confectionary, bakery, refrigerated and frozen foods. Develops GMP, quality assurance and food safety systems, HACCP plans, and sanitation verification programs. Performs technical training on food plant and retail facility sanitation, HACCP, GMP and personal hygiene. She also Conducts microbial contamination and outbreak investigations and direct corrective action plans. Validate HACCP plans. Conducts third party GMP and HACCP systems audits per industry guidelines and regulatory standards. Provide expert witness opinions and testimony.

    Melissa is also the Founder and Chief Science Officer for Food Microbiological Laboratories, Inc. Melissa designs microbial shelf life, challenge studies and research projects to validate sanitation, HACCP plan Critical Control Points. International HACCP Alliance, Lead HACCP Instructor (through Red24 Assist) California Almond Board Approved Process Authority (2010-2011 crop year). Past Certified HACCP Auditor, American Society for Quality.

    In 2005, Ms. Calicchia worked with the Orange County Health Care Agency Traditional Foods Project-and Provided volunteer technical services for design and interpretation of various microbial pathogen challenge studies, on unique Vietnamese foods, to a collaborative committee consisting of regulators and Vietnamese community civic leaders, health educators, and food industry representatives, dedicated to preserving Vietnamese traditional foods.

    Melissa also woked on a U.S. AID A.L.E.B. (Agriculture Lead Export Business) Project .as a Technical Advisor in Cairo, Egypt She Provided expert microbiological consulting to Egyptian food manufacturers for microbial contamination abatement.

    Melissa is a Volunteer Technical Trainer (HACCP) for Food Industry Business Roundtable (FIBR) Training Institute. She also had an extensive career at Siliker Laboratories and is a sought-after Expert Witness.

    A published author, Melissa Graduated from California State University-Long Beach, with a BA degree in Science, Major in Microbiology and Chapman University with a Master of Science with a Major in Food Science and Nutrition.

  • Michael F. Hernandez, Principal, Q15 Associates

    Q15 Associates is a food safety training partnership located in Sacramento, that specializes in Good Manufacturing Practices, Sanitation Control Procedures (SSOP), Seafood HACCP and Recall plan training.

    Michael is retired from the California Department of Public Health (CDPH). During his thirty-one year career, Michael held Chief positions in the Emergency Response Unit, Industry Training Unit, and Seafood Safety Unit of the Food and Drug Branch (FDB). Prior to his management positions, Michael was a Program Specialist and food and drug investigator. As an inspector he inspected a spectrum of food commodities; however, he specialized in seafood Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) inspections and seafood safety issues. Michael is certified trainer for the Association of Food and Drug Officials (AFDO) seafood HACCP and Sanitation Control Procedures training program.